What does FWB Stand for?

Although FWB has been the subject of much discussion on the dating scene for the past decade, including a popular movie with that title starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis back in 2011, there are still many people who may not fully understand what it means.

FWB stands for Friends with Benefits and for some manages to successfully bridge the gap between friendship and being in a relationship. However, it is still subject to some controversy as many try to adjust to the meaning of FWB and its ramifications.

What are Friends with Benefits?

Basically, this means that you enjoy a sexual relationship with a partner whom you are not in a formal relationship. So, they are like your friend who only enjoys having sex with you and not much else. The ideal of FWB is that people who are not comfortable in relationships or only want sex without the commitment can enjoy an FWB status with a like-minded person.

This is not to be mistaken for one-night stands in which the initial sexual encounter is the only thing that happens and the next morning you have parted ways. This is instead something that continues over time until one person decides they want to stop.

In theory, this is seemingly the answer for many people who feel for one reason or another that they don't want to be in a committed relationship. There are dating sites(you can find them at FWBsites) dedicated to those seeking friends with benefits and Millennials seem to be more accepting of this type of relationship-status given today's hectic world.

What FWB is Not

While there is seemingly no downside to FWB relationships, the truth is that they are fewer than you might think given all the cultural interest over the past decade. This is because the traditional dating relationships are still far and away the most common for obvious reasons. Plus, handling an FWB relationship can be quite tricky, especially if you do develop stronger feelings for someone who clearly is not interested in having the relationship go any further.

This is because despite the title, you are not friends in the traditional sense. This is not someone you invite over with others in attendance to watch a game or play Scrabble, only to stay afterwards when the others leave. Most FWB relationships are conducted in isolation with few friends and family members knowing much, if anything about the other person. So, in some ways FWB is like dating in that you are committed to spending time alone with them.

FWB is not for everyone, especially those who may not be ready to commit themselves to a sexual relationship that otherwise has no other meaning beyond being friends. Having said that, for many people it may be the perfect, if temporary solution for those who want to engage in a sexual relationship, but not have the commitments of being in a more personal one.

For such people, finding the right FWB dating site is paramount since that connects you to other like-minded people. Today, more people are experimenting with FWB relationships thanks to websites that cater to this interest.