Tips for Men - Texting a Girl Online

Have you met a girl online recently with whom you want to have a FWB relationship but are confused about the next step? Want to ask her out but get nervous about what to say on a phone call? Then worry not! Because this post will surely assist you in approaching a girl online through a text in an effective manner.

Because in today's world, if you don't know what to say in a message or your message sounds boring and ineffective, then a women won't give you her time as if you had already met her in person for the first time and had a good impression. After that it's all about how you interact with her through text messages or phone calls. So, you really have to adept what you say because any blunder or mistake can make your potential slide away for a date.

Use Emoticons

First and most important tip for an impressive and bright text message is the use of emoticons and smiley faces. Girls like to use smileys according to their messages and moods like happy, sad, funny, emotional etc. Why they are important? Because they lighten things up with a woman. A proper emoji/smiley face have the potential to put more meaning to your text as when you send a text. You are unable to fully express yourself through voice tone and changes of body language as you would in person. So at times when you say something which she might take as being serious through text, just a smiley face at the end can completely transform the feeling of the text.

Be short and playful

Your text messages should make a woman to look forward to getting messages from you. So keep your messages short, tease her and make her smile. Give her a demo at what you're like as a man, a trailer of your personality, sense of humor, and playfulness.


Timing, another most important factor during texting game. It refers to the gap in between texts taken by you and her to reply back to each other's text messages. Since most high-level or quality girls tend to be busy due to much going on in their lives, so they take longer time to reply back to your texts. It's fine. You'll also want to appear as high status and busy as she is, though you are not in real and maybe same is the case with her, so take your time in replying her, too. Also take your time in replying a text message, properly compose your text so meaning is conveyed properly to her and there is no miscommunication. Avoid spelling mistakes and follow good English grammar.

A Meetup Text

A simple text about meet up with her is pretty straightforward. Begin a normal conversation before asking for a meetup. First send a simple text, get a couple of texts going back and forth, and then text her about meeting up.

Avoid sending too many texts

Obviously she will be on your mind but it doesn't mean that you bombard her with text messages. Text once and wait for an answer before sending another text. Because not getting a reply online can have different reasons behind like she may not have an internet connection or she didn't received your message due to poor signals etc. If she doesn't respond back to you, wait a day or two before contacting her again.

But what to do if a woman does not text you back even after few days? A woman not texting back is not necessarily rejecting you in any way. Again she might have her reasons of not feeling like talking to you right now. Send a text again after few days and if still you don't hear from her, then call her. There is nothing wrong in calling her at very initial stages as it will clear many things. Like if she is going through some hard time and she gets a call from you, she might feel strong and gets impressed or if she is no longer interested but is afraid to say it loud, then you calling her can give her courage to say so and it will clear the situation. And in this way you will not be wasting your time anymore.

Follow these little tips and you will definitely have a positive result. Good luck!