How To Maintain A Healthy Friends With Benefits Relationship

Are you in a friends with benefits relationship? While the relationship might not be a typical relationship, it is still important that you keep the relationship healthy. But how do you do that? In today's post we will help you to keep your connection healthy.

Communication is Key

In any relationship, whether it is a friendship or friends with benefits, you need to have communication. It helps you to understand how both of you change and keeps your relationship current. Make sure to let each other know if something is wrong, or you need to change something.

Communication helps to make sure that you are on the same page.

Honesty is Honestly Needed

To be with anyone you need to be honest. It goes hand in hand with communication. If you talk, but don't tell the truth, it won't have any benefit. Don't hide anything from your friend, even though they aren't a traditional partner, they are still your partner.

Discuss How To Handle Your Friends

If you and your friend with benefits both have the same friends circle (which you likely do) there is a good chance that your relationship will come out at some point. Make sure that both of you discuss what to do when this happens.

Will you be honest with your friends or will you lie to them?

No matter which you decide to do, it is important to make sure that you stay on the same page. Remember, communication!

Focus On The Sex

While your relationship is about being friends AND having casual sex, you should have a heavy focus on the sex. You don't want to end up developing feelings for your friend with benefits. These relationships are so great because they provide you with a lot of freedom. Dating other people will help you to not get too attached to your friend with benefits.

Set Time Limits

It may sound weird but you need to set time limits on your friends with benefits relationship. The majority of your relationship needs to be spent on the friends part when you aren't alone. When you are alone, the time should be focused on sex. But no matter the focus, make sure you set an amount of time that you want to spend together every week. Also limit your contact to help keep a healthy friendship and to prevent blurring the lines of a regular relationship.

Don't Let Others Judge You

You will have friends who think it is weird for you to have a friends with benefits relationship. These people who think its weird will judge you but don't let them get to you. Your friends with benefits relationship is perfectly normal.

There are people who will judge others for anything. The key is to not let it get to you.

Enjoy The Relationship

You are in the friends with benefits relationship to enjoy yourself. If you stop enjoying yourself, it is important to take a look at the relationship. It isn't healthy to be in a relationship that you don't enjoy. Don't be afraid to stop the relationship if you aren't enjoying it.

Stopping the relationship isn't the only option though. You can also talk to your friend and discuss what is making you not enjoy the relationship. This is the healthy option for any relationship whether it be a friends with benefits relationship or something more.

Stick To The Guidelines/Agreement

When you started your friends with benefits relationship, you should have set guidelines or made an agreement about what was okay and what wasn't. Stick to these throughout your friendship. If there is something that needs to be changed, both of you need to talk about it. These guidelines were agreed upon to keep you both happy and to keep your relationship healthy.

A friends with benefits relationship is one of the best friendships that you can have. You are both friends and lovers, the best of both worlds. It is also a healthy way to experiment with sex and get regularly sexual activity. This is great for both of you. Just make sure that you follow these tips to help keep your relationship healthy.