How to Have a Successful FWB Relationship

A healthy mind with a healthy body results in a good life. To ensure you have a healthy mind and body you must also ensure you have a healthy relation. If you are in a casual relation, you must pay attention and make efforts to make it healthy. A harmonious relationship will bring happiness and satisfaction in your life. There are many ways and methods to ensure you have a healthy relationship with your partner. However, if you are in a Friends with Benefits(FWB) relationship then you might have to follow a different set of rules. These rules may not always be applicable to a serious relationships as the nature of serious relationship differs from that of a casual relationship.

Keep Balance

One must keep a balance of everything in life. Whether it is your work or your love life, keeping balance in life is the most crucial part of having a relationship. You must give ample to yourself and to your partner. If you don't give yourself some alone time, you might end up feeling your life is controlled by your date and if you don't give ample time to your date you might end up feeling lonely. So you don't want either of the two scenarios happening to you, and in order to avoid any problems you must maintain a balance.

Open up

If you have a casual date you'd want to tell more about your day than you think. We all are humans and we need to open up to someone and even if you're dating casually you shouldn't be feeling shy to open up. When you share your thoughts and feelings to someone you feel lighter. This is the best way to keep a healthy and friendly relationship. You want to have some basic understanding of each other when you are dating casually. If you don't share your thoughts and feelings or your personal life experiences you might not be able to connect well in the bed either. This is something mandatory in order to connect well with each other.

Give surprises

Although you are dating casually and you don't want a long term relation, you would still want to give each other Birthday surprises. Even though you don't want something serious but such acts and gestures are a sign of respect. Keep track of your partner's ups and downs. You might want to celebrate your partner's job promotion. Celebrating crucial moments in life is a key to maintain a healthy relation.

Play games

Whether indoor or out-door, you should play games with your casual date to have a good time. You can play cards or go out for roller skating. You can go out for hiking or sit at home and play monopoly with your partner. Leisure time is also very important to maintain a healthy relationship. A healthy friends with benefits relation also has a level of friendship and mutual trust involved. You can also watch movies and eat pop corns. Imagine watching a movie and then going to sleep in each other's arms. This will brighten up your coming day and make you feel loved and relaxed.

Respect and keep privacy

Last but not the least, you should be respectful to your partner and try to not leak out each other's intimate pictures with you. Always ask before uploading a close picture with them and also choose a good caption. Uploading pictures of your casual date with a bad caption which may damage their reputation is not a good way to maintain your relation. For instance, you upload a picture with them with a caption "guess who I slept with last night?" this might be and unacceptable way of uploading pictures.

Don't hurt each other

Last but not the least, try not to hurt each other as such acts can be detrimental for the both of you. You don't want someone else to cry because of you and you don't want to be crying because of someone else either. Always maintain a good level of trust and respect for each other. Keep privacy and use protection before sexual encounters.