How to Tell If a Girl Just Want to Be Your FWB

Everyone can't commit to a relationship. Because such people actually don't want to deal with complex things that happens in a relationship or maybe they are afraid of getting into a relationship due to some emotional strings. But they're still humans and they have needs. Like need of someone keeping them warm at night and meet all their physical needs. Here comes the concept of being friends with benefits i.e. people who are just friends with benefits have all the benefits that a significant other have, without any commitment, effort, and feelings.

It's a relationship in which two people bear a purely physical connection with one another with no emotional connection/cascade between them. And since both parties know this is the case, it's perfectly fine. But one thing that can be a little difficult in such scenarios is that sometimes it's hard to tell whether a girl wants to be friends with benefits or she want something more. You may think that she is interested in you and wants to date you but in reality, she just want to be your friends with benefits. So this post will help you in figuring out that if a girl just want to be your FWB.

She will say it

First and foremost sign would be that she will tell you straight up that this is the only thing that she wants here. If you've been blaming yourself over the fact that you can't tell how she's feeling about you and you really are having a hard time deciding what all of these signs mean, then just ask her. She may try to avoid answering this question, but an avoidance in answering this is basically a yes. But usually, if a girl only wants to be Friends with Benefits, then she'll make it known before you two really get into things.

You are a secret

Another sign could be that if she's keeping you from her friends and asked you not to say anything to your friends too, she probably just wants to keep things on a physical level and nothing more. Also she would prefer to hang out with you in the house with a nice movie and a dinner.

Her interest in other guys

Friends with Benefits do mention about their lives sometimes. But if she tells you about her day or a night out with the guys, then she only wants to be friends with benefits, which only means that she is attracted to you physically.

No contact for days

If you don't hear from her for days, then this is a very common in a physical relationship which is a very clear sign that she only wants to be friends with benefits.

Hate for Relationships

A girls only interested in being a FWB would mention from time to time that how she hates relationships, which is again a pretty clear sign.

Late night hanging out

If she only contact you late at night, then it's a clear indication of her being only want to be a FWB and nothing more.

No personal life discussions

During the time the two of you have been hanging out and hooking up and she still never talks about her personal life, her problems, or even her friends or family, then she just wants to be friends with benefits.