FWB Tinder - #1 FWB Hookup Finder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps but it is a dating app. The app is designed for you to find lasting relationships. Not everyone wants a relationship and finding something such as friends with benefits on Tinder is hard. It is easier to find a one night stand on Tinder than a FWB.

FWB Tinder

FWBtinder.com - The First Tinder Alternative for FWB Relationships

This is where FWBtinder.com enters the limelight. Those who have used Tinder will quickly see that FWBtinder is very similar in the user interface. It is simple to navigate and has the swiping feature that makes Tinder so popular.

One of the other features that FWBtinder has taken from Tinder is the restriction on messaging. You can only message people who have matched with you, making the website safer and reducing the amount of spam.

Where FWBtinder differs from Tinder is that it is exclusively for those that are looking to have friends with benefits relationships. You don't have to worry about stumbling across someone who is looking for a serious relationship and upsetting them. Or wasting your time.

Totally Free to Join

A basic membership to FWBtinder is free, allowing you only so many swipes. As with Tinder, as long as you match you can message. There is no need to worry about having to pay for messaging like many dating apps. For those that want more swipes and a few more features on their account, they can upgrade to the VIP membership. This starts at $19 a month and you get a discount for buying a 3 month subscription or a 6 month subscription.

The Best Place to Find FWB Partners

We have already mentioned the most important reason to use FWBtinder: it is specifically for those who are looking to have friends with benefits relationships. This takes a lot of the hastle out of the search for your new casual partner. It also speeds up the process.

Another big reason to use FWBtinder is that you can have a basic membership for free. There are many other FWB dating websites/apps out there but many of them require you to pay for messaging. By having free accounts FWBtinder is setting the standards high for other apps.

Many people also come to FWBtinder because of the simplicity of the app. Tinder won a lot of people over by reducing the amount of content on a profile. This has a second benefit for those looking for a FWB, you don't have to get overly personal with your profile. Part of a FWB relationship is having that seperation from a traditional relationship.

Due to the appeal of the website, FWBtinder has managed to get a large memberbase. You won't have trouble finding potential matches in your area. This means a lot as some similar apps are lacking the userbase to become popular. Not only that, all profiles are manually verified to ensure safety and security.

FWBtinder is far from the first friends with benefits dating website or app but it is among the best. It has the features that you want at the right price point. It also cuts out the features that you don't want. For those that want to find a FWB quickly they need to turn to FWBtinder now.