Friends with Benefits- 9 Rules for Ladies

Friends with benefits most commonly refers to hook-ups or a mutually beneficial relationship with a friend in which no dedication or commitments are required. A relationship that doesn't ask for a second helping and can be void of responsibility. It has nothing to do with faulting and judging and is all about understanding the needs and desires.

As there are many shades of grays, so friends with benefits could mean distinctive things to different individuals, and a few people may consider certain parts of the relationship more critical than others. This kind of relationship has caught people's attention as it does not involve any issues of being tied down. But not every person can deal with the delicacy of this phony relationship that feels like love yet is has nothing to do with love.

For ladies who are considering a couple of snapshots of fun and pleasure without getting hurt can follow these rules that could help them through the relationship:

Choose the Right Friend

Choosing the right friend for such kind of relationship is necessary. Make sure that the partner that you are considering should neither be your childhood friend nor a best friend of yours. Ruining a friendship for any timely desires is not worth it.

Set Boundaries & Rules

Setting some rules and boundaries in a relationship before getting involve can save you from heartbreaks. Meeting times as well as how much you are going to meet in a week, everything must be set prior to starting the relationship. Ensure yourself that it has nothing to do with emotions and as soon as such thing happens you must give it a serious though before continuing.

Initiate with Clarity

A clarity from the beginning is important before initiating the relationship, this will save you from heart breaks and tears.

Be Honesty

Be honest to your friend from the start and tell the truth, without getting afraid. Let him know what you really want and ensures him that its merely about the desires and nothing more than that.

Low Expectations

Although it is a human nature to develop feelings for anyone around you, but in such a relationship, keep your expectations low from your friend. This is not a real relationship and you have to follow the rules. Be emotionally mature, and understand that it won't be a happy ending. So, don't go for dates, or spend too much time together.

Avoid Feelings Development

This is the most common risk part of such relationship and will only lead to hurt, broken heart and tears. Refrain from developing feelings for your friend or getting attracted to him. The moment you realize that you are falling for him, you must back away from the relationship.

Keep your Career a Priority

While engaging yourself in friends with benefits kind of relationship, keep your career and social life a priority. Because you might risk your reputation by letting people know about your involvement in this relationship. Keep it a secret, even from your friend's circle.

Avoid Sleepover

Spend a small window of time with your friend in which you remain focused on your needs. Avoid sleep over as the more time you give each other to chat and grow closer, the more chances you will end up getting emotionally attached.

Keep It Safe

Keep your relationship safe, and don't get pregnant. Use protection because it might end up in difficult conditions with someone you do not have a real emotionally attached relationship.

Do not Get Jealous

You are not his girlfriend and you must remember how its going to end, so be selfish and focus on your needs and desires only. Neither get jealous of other people getting closed to him nor act like his girlfriend. Avoid getting hurt and enjoy your relationship to the fullest.