Why a Friend With Benefits Sometimes Is Better than a Real Relationship?

Friends with benefits(FWB) is an interesting arrangement that not everyone gets to experience. Two adults, that typically start off as good friends, get to enjoy a sexual relationship with little to no strings attached.

Nobody is each other's boyfriend or girlfriend, there is no need for the 'talk', just two people that enjoy hanging out, chatting, and enjoying a few notable benefits.

In many cases, it can develop into a full-blown relationship while other times it remains a pure physical relationship, leading many people to inevitably compare having a friend with benefits to a romantic relationship.

Most assume that a real, romantic relationship is always going to be better than having a friend with benefits. This is probably true for the majority of people, yet there are instances where a friend with benefits is sometimes better than a real relationship. Here's why:

FWB real relationship

No Strings Attached

Perhaps the most obvious appeal of a friends with benefits arrangement is there are no strings attached sex. That means you don't need to commit time that you may not have while still enjoying plenty of sex - something that many people who don't have time for a relationship look for.

What's also good about there being no strings is there should be no problems when you decide to end things. You both get to amicably part ways without any of the nasty fallout you often see with breakups from real relationships - no strings mean no stressful breakups!

Amazing Sex

Anyone that has had a friends with benefits situation can agree on one thing - the sex is always incredible.

After all, why else have a friend with benefits if the sex isn't going to be great? A lot of the time this due to the spontaneity of the situation, with random encounters and last-minute hook-ups adding all sorts of spice and excitement to the bedroom.

In fact, it's arguable that the sex with a friend with benefits is always going to be better than sex in real relationships, which tend to get stale after a few years. Sex with a friend with benefit is completely the opposite - you get to try all kinds of fun stuff with very little inhibition!

Maintain Your Personal Freedom

A lot of people love to have the personal freedom that is simply not possible with a real relationship. You're committed to someone else, meaning all the decisions in your life impact them, so you're limited to how much freedom you actually have.

For instance, if you suddenly want to leave your job to go travelling, it's not something you can do without speaking to your partner when in a real relationship. Friends with benefits get to enjoy a physical relationship while maintaining their personal freedom.

You can do what you want, when you want, and not need to worry about the impact it has on your partner. Simply put, you are the most important person in your life, which is a freedom that many people lack.

Yes, it may be viewed as a selfish way to live, but it's certainly an appealing lifestyle to many people.

No Distractions

Sometimes in life we don't need the distractions of a real relationship. Whether you're studying at school, focused on your career, or just enjoying being with yourself, not having any distractions from a partner is not always a bad thing.

You get to focus entirely on what you need to in life while still getting to have fun with a friend. Having more time for yourself is often needed to get where you want to be in life and without the distraction of a partner you can focus on what matters most.

Plus, you still get to enjoy some wild nights of passion with someone you like - not a bad situation to find yourself in!

Less Emotionally Draining

Friends with benefits get to enjoy their sex lives without the emotional strain of a relationship. This is especially appealing to people that have recently ended a long-term relationship and don't want to face any more emotional turmoil, which often happens when jumping from relationship to relationship.

Whether going on a few days or being part of a long-term relationship, being with someone else is packed with emotional highs and lows. Yes, many of these are amazing experiences but sometimes you just need a break from the chaos of dating - friends with benefits dating site offers a nice break from this.

Your Secret

One of the best things about a friend with benefits is that nobody needs to know about it! Keeping relationships under wraps are difficult and eventually you're going to need to introduce each other to friends and family - no such thing needs to occur with a friend with benefits.

It gets to be a naughty secret, making the entire thing that bit hotter, while also letting you keep your romantic life completely to yourself.

Easier to End

Ending a friends with benefit arrangement should be quick and easy - the same cannot be said for ending a relationship! Anyone entering a friends with benefits situation knows what they're getting involved with, meaning there is no long-term relationship developing from it - it will eventually come to an end.

Most times it will just naturally run its course. You may stop hooking up or feel the sex is no longer fun, no matter the cause it should be very easy to break off. While there may be times when somebody feels saddened by it ending, nobody gets heartbroken quite like they would with a relationship.

It Can Develop into Something Serious…

The reason many people enjoy having a friend with benefits is because they aren't interested in anything serious. Most people change their mindset on this, which is why almost every friends with benefits ends sooner than later.

However, there are instances where the friend with benefits becomes something more. Many people have relationships that start out as nothing more than a few casual flings, so the fact that your FWB may end up becoming something more serious is never a bad thing - sometimes you find love in the unlikeliest of places!

And if it doesn't, at least you've had a great time with some no-strings fun.