How to Find No Strings Attached Sex Online

If you haven't had sex and you have a hard wood in the morning and are unable to find a suitable sex partner in your life, then should probably look for someone online. Sex is a natural need and if you don't fulfill it you are starving your body from intimacy. To find no strings attached sex online there are many things which you can do. Here are a few things which u could do to find pleasure.

Look for dating websites

Once you have decided you need to find no strings attached sex on the internet, you must find yourself a platform where you could meet potential sexual partners. Look on the internet for Friends with Benefits dating sites. Make a list of those websites and identify the ones which operate in your area. If you try your luck in other regions of the world you might not be able to find sex for yourself. Don't get stuck in a long distance relation or else you'll be alone with your palm in the night again. Look for applications and websites which can find you women in your area. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You are not unwanted, all you need to do is advertise yourself and you will find a good partner for your adventures.

Make a profile

Once you have found the websites and applications on which you plan to find your partner, you can proceed with making a profile. Upload your picture and your details you are willing to share with public. You will find many chatrooms and may have many peer to peer conversations. Express your interests to a potential sex candidate and wait for the result. Remember that your profile is your identity and you could also keep a fake name. Once you have started talking to women, invite them over to your place or to a dinner. You could take them out to a bar for a couple of drinks and then bring them back to your apartment for sex.


After finding the right women, you should initiate a conversation. Tell her about yourself and her about her interests. Find out what she is into. Slowly take the topic to sex and ask her if she could be interested in meeting up. If she wants what you want she may give you hints and be ready to meet you. She could also be the first one to ask you to meet up. When you think you are close enough you can ask her if she would be open to no strings attached sex. You could tell her why you prefer No strings attached sex.

Don't give up

Finding no strings attached can be difficult for many men. Remember success comes to those who never give up. Change your way of talking may be you're being too clingy or too cheesy. This is also about luck how soon you find a girl for yourself. Sooner or later you will be shagging someone. It all comes with patience. Regularly update your profile picture. Stick to one or two applications and be regular. You will find someone that agrees to have no strings attached with you.


After you have found women online, you can invite them to your place for a mini party or something. Make a comfortable environment and shun away all possible things which a woman may find creepy. Treat her well and give her what she wants. Also try to keep it confidential as many women are worried about their reputation.