How To End FWB And Stay Friends

We are all, particularly in out younger years, sexual animals constantly on the lookout for ways to sate our desires. While societal norms would suggest that you should really only engage in sexual activities with a partner that you are in a relationship with, the true reality is that there is no normal.

Sex and relationships mean different things for different people, and just because you don't want to be with one person or in a long-term relationship. it should not mean that you need to be celibate or solely reliant on the services of your hand.

Casual Sex Is Popular

Casual sex is perhaps more popular now than it has ever been, with dating apple like Tinder and Grindr hooking up lime-minded folks every single minute of the day. Out of those hook-ups, relationships may spring up, although not of the traditional variety. If you had a night of fun between the sheets with a willing partner, it stands to reason that you both might want to do it again at some point. This is how friends with benefits relationships often begin, but the big question here is about what happens when they inevitably end. Can you remain friends with an FWB after the sexual fire burns out?

Romantic Feelings

There is no easy answer to that question, as it often depends on how the relationship started and ended, as well as the feelings of both parties involved. If you both started out as friends before bringing sex into the equation, there is a very good chance that you can both go back to the way you where before. This is, of course, assuming that one of you has not developed strong romantic feelings for the other. In those situations, maintaining a friendship after the fact can be tough.


If you are in a situation where you met on one of the FWB sites that we mentioned earlier, the sex, as well as the friendship may just naturally fizzle out on their own. It is certainly going to happen with the sexual part of your relationship, as it is tough to maintain the same level of fire and passion that you felt at the start. It may well be that the sex was the only thing holding you both together, at which point a friendship doesn't really seem all that important, especially of you have moved on to a new partner.

If maintaining a friendship is something that you are interested in when your FWB relationship comes to an end, the important thing to do is keep the lines of communication open. This is actually true of any relationship where you hope to still be friends. You may both promise to remain the very best of pals, but that only happens if you take the time out to stay in contact and act like a friend. It's perhaps also something that should be discussed prior to getting too deep into your FWB relationship.