The Do's and Don'ts of Casual Dating

There are a lot of different forms that dating takes, one of the most popular among a lot of people is casual dating. Casual dating allows you to test the waters, get experience, and be more social. Just because the word casual is involved doesn't mean there aren't rules.

We are going to discuss the do's and don'ts of casual dating and being Friends with Benefits so that you know what to do.

Do Remember To Have Fun

Casual dating is supposed to be about the fun that you can experience when you enter a relationship that doesn't have the strict rules like a serious relationship. Don't let anything ruin your fun. If something is becoming no longer fun, it is probably time to move on and look for something else.

Don't Get Too Connected

Part of No Strings Attached/Friends with Benefits relationships is the ability to see other people and to move on at any time. It is important to not get too connected to any one person that you date. This can lead to a lot of problems when it comes time to move on.

Do Be Selective

Just because the dating is casual, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be selective about your dating. Don't look for people that you are only physically attracted to. You should still look for those that are closer to the full package.

Don't Forget To Set Ground Rules

Casual dating doesn't mean that anything is fair game. Make sure that you speak with your partners to discuss what is and isn't okay. Be up front about whether or not you want to date other people. Another important ground rule to address is whether or not your relationship is going to be secret.

Do Communicate

Communication is key in any relationship no matter how casual or how serious. Talk with each other and make sure to tell each other when something is wrong. Having open communication helps to keep a relationship healthy which will keep your life healthy too.

Don't Over Communicate

One of the ground rules that you set up earlier should be how much you want to talk. It comes down to the most basic rule of don't spam each other's phone and don't be clingy. In some cases too much communication isn't a problem, when you are casually dating, it can.

Do Keep Your Personal Lives Separate

When you are dating casually you two should have your own separate personal lives unless you are friends with benefits. Meeting some friends might be okay but don't go overboard on the mingling of friendships.

Most importantly, when you are casually dating, you should not introduce each other to each other's families.

Don't Be Jealous

There is always the chance that you will see your partner flirt with someone else or even be with someone else when you are casually dating. This is because most casual relationships aren't exclusive. No matter what you see your partner doing, it is important to remind yourself not to get jealous.

It may become more difficult to not be jealous after a casual relationship has ended but it is important that you do your best.

Do Be Careful About The Messages You Send

It is important to be careful about the messages that you send when you are casually dating. You don't want your partner to feel like you are expecting more than a casual relationship. Certain things you do could give off signals that you are looking for more.

Don't expect to hold hands and be careful about cuddling. You should also think twice before staying the night with your partner. Absolutely do not stay the morning if you do stay the night. This will set a bad precedent.

These are just some of the do's and don'ts of casual dating. More rules exist but they are typically relationship specific and will come when you discuss boundaries with your partners. If you want to keep your casual dating you need to make sure that you respect the do's and don'ts that we have outlined here.

Now get out there and start casual dating!