7 Best Ways To Find A FWB Nearby

Friends with benefits is one of the most popular relationships in today's dating world. People like the ability to have fun while not having any connections. With societies become more sex positive, it is more open than in the past too. One problem still remains though, how to find a FWB near me?

Let's take a look at some of the options you have for finding a good friend with benefits.

Find FWB Near Me

#1 Your Existing Friends

When a lot of people think friend with benefits, they immediately think of their existing friend pool. They want to take the easy route and be with someone they already know. This can be an option but often isn't the best route to go, mixing up existing relationships can be difficult and stressful.

All that in mind, friends can be turned into friends with benefits. Just approach it cautiously and choose wisely when picking out friends to approach.

#2 Friends with Benefits Sites

One of the most popular places to find FWBs is online and what better place to do it than with a site that is dedicated to FWB relationships. FWB Sites have popped up like crazy. These websites are an optimal place to find people as you already know that every user you come across is looking for the same thing as you.

FWB dating websites tend to simplify everything and are a great option for just about everyone. No matter where you are you can find users in your local area using one of these sites. You don't have to rely on people going to an event or picking the right person at the bar.

Picking out the right FWB dating site can make a big difference when looking for the right person. Fake dating sites pop up on the internet and sometimes it can be hard to pick out a real one. Look for real profiles, with naturally worded descriptions. Avoid dating websites where everyone's picture looks too good to be true. You can also read reviews of the various dating sites from a number of sources on the internet.

#3 Traditional Dating Websites

Instead of a website that is specifically designed for FWB dating you can also go to a traditional dating site. Traditional dating sites are always a good option because they have a large number of members. If you find the right dating site, some of them even offer the ability to mark yourself as looking for FWB and search for people with the same mark.

With traditional dating sites you have to spend your time filtering out people who are looking for more serious relationships. When messaging people you have to have an approach that is not about FWB relationships and catches their attention.

You may also want to consider other specialized dating websites, such as fetish dating sites. If you have a specialized interest or want to find a specific kind of person, this will help you to make your match even quicker. Dating websites for just about anyone exist out there.

#4 Going To The Bar

The bar is always a popular place to find a FWB. You get to enjoy yourself and meet a lot of new people. Depending on the bar you go to, you can also play pool or other games that can help to break the ice. Bars are also everywhere so you can easily find one and they only cost you the drinks you buy. No membership fee like some dating sites.

Keep in mind that when you go to the bar that not everyone is looking for the same thing. But many people find a FWB partner when they go out to the bar, so isn't too hard to find the right partner there.

#5 Local Events

Events are a great place to meet people. Whether you go to a concert, a social event, or anything else, you are going to be around a lot of people. Any one of these people could be your next FWB. You already can break the ice with the fact that you are at an activity that you both enjoy.

Try to find local events where you can be social. You don't want to go to an event where you can't talk, or where people don't want to talk, expecting to find the right match for your next friends with benefits relationship.

#6 Join A Group

Joining a group is a great way to meet people, even friends with benefits. You can find a group that is oriented towards what you enjoy such as a writing group, music group, wine group, etc. There are also groups for people who want to play sports. A lot of FWB relationships start from groups.

The first place most people turn to find groups is their community center. It is a great option as local groups tend to advertise at these locations. You can also turn to websites such as Meetup to find local groups that you might be interested in. Many meetup groups you would never hear about off the internet.

#7 Online Communities

Believe it or not online groups/communities can make a great place to meet people for a FWB dating. Reddit, Meetup, and other online communities naturally lead to making friends. They are also places where you can post advertisements for things that you are looking for.

When meeting anyone online, especially on an online community, you need to be safe. Be careful what information you give out and where you meet. It is always better to play it safe and meet in a public place. This will allow everyone involved to feel comfortable and make it more likely that you will develop a good FWB relationship.

These are some of the easiest ways to find a friend with benefits relationship. Until you find the relationship that is right for your needs we recommend utilizing multiple methods of searching for a FWB. This will allow you to get the right person. You don't want to settle for something that isn't right.